Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have a friend out here who owns a graphics company that does a lot of work for races. He has some leftover technical shirts that he'd like to clear out so he is willing to print full color custom shirts with only a minimum of 5 shirts for the crazy low price of like $14 (some additions could occur based on what we come up with, but I can get a firm price prior to printing). He can also help refine our graphic/logo if we can provide him with a general idea. Anyway, I immediately thought of TTWSS. Would anyone be interested in a "club" shirt? Design input/feedback is encouraged.


Seth T said...

I would get one!

RM said...

That is a real good idea. Submit your design to me, and then we'll put it to a vote.

Seth T said...

How about one of the Baltimore City benches that once said "the city that reads" and now say "the greatest city in America"? It could now read "TWSS" Haha!

Seth T said...

Actually, I know we can do better. Just trying to get the ball rolling.

RM said...


Edgar Allan Poe
Natty Boh

Including them somehow?

fbg said...

Edgar Allan Poe drinking a Boh and getting crabs?

Edgar Allan Webb?



That's What She Said

cheese said...

i say we use the crab from the saucony singlets