Sunday, November 14, 2010


With the holidays upon us it is time for our annual Thanksmas/Christgiving party. 1321 Clarkson will host a potluck on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 4:00pm. We will provide the turkey if ya'll will contribute sides and beverages. Post your dish in the comments so we have a good variety. Everyone is welcome, so bring your family and friends. RSVP so we know how much turkey to make!


scotty doesn't know said...

so was this planned to provide us with a good base for the festivus?

if so, good idea...if not, good accidental planning!

patty and i should be there - we'll bring strawberry avocado spicy-icy salsa and chips

Dart said...

I am pretty sure I can make it. I'm volunteering with my church that morning/afternoon - but should be back.

I'll bake a lasagna, unless I get lazy & it'll be a veggie or fruit platter

cheese said...

i'm in, i'll bring a warm fruit...thing.

Seth T said...

Adriana and I will attend. We will bring this sausage and cheese stuffing unless you are already stuffing the bird and think it will be too much. Cheers!

Christy said...

sweet potatoes