Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Put On For My City

I already put in the results from Richmond, but didn't give shoutouts to the other weekend performances.

It was the last time Clearwater, FL, would play host to the Half Ironman World Championships. Spider Sillery qualified for the third year in the row, and this would be the first year he'd be healthy enough to complete the race. Finally able to run a little bit, he showed he still has some wheels, running a 1:19:07 and overcoming his 4min draft penalty to finish in 4:11:56.

In Columbus, GA, Lisa Ievers dropped her half marathon PR like it was HOT, running a 1:32:39 (2.5min PR) and finishing 4th overall. Lisa has now accomplished all of her 2010 goals - great work!

Sunday was the Metric Marathon in Columbia, the first time in 3 years the event would actually even be held (past two years were weathered out). Mellow Mike Baudendistel was running the longest race he's ever run, and when that's the case you hope it's not long - but due to a missed turn, he and a group of a few others tacked on about a quarter mile to the 16.3 mile course. Alyssa Godesky finished 11th F, and ran way faster than she thought she would, thanks in part to the company provided by Carly and Jen. The trio, who also performed as Josie and the Pussycats on Halloween, must have looked quite the sight on Alyssa's little hipster bike, running and/or riding alongside her.

Will Knox finished 5th in 17:58 at the Dustin Bauer Memorial 5k at Oregon Ridge, and Tristram Thomas showed he's able to get into shape seriously fast, as he was 14th at the Outer Banks Half Marathon in 1:15:45.

The Purple Drink Athlete of the Week honors went to Melissa Majumdar, for her bold run at the marathon, going for the dough!

I know many are in racing action this weekend, but I think a bunch are out of town races - so if this pertains to you, please drop me an email after your race to let me know the result/name.

AWARDS NIGHT MMX: I threw out a couple of possible dates and heard back from a small number of you. It appears as if those who got back to me have trouble with the Tuesday dates, so as of right now we will plan on holding this year's Awards Night on Sunday, December 12. I've just got to confirm we can host at the store, in which case it would be around 4:30/5pm.

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