Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bay to Breakers 2011

I mentioned this briefly at Chipotle last Tuesday, but I think it would be really cool if we could get a group of people together to take a trip to San Fran for the B2B 12k! It's in the 100th year so it should be crazy.

Now, I know it is during a pretty busy time of the year (May 15th), but for people who have already finished their key spring races, it would be a fun way to wrap up the season! Plus it's 5 days before my birthday and so it could be an early celebration.

I went with my mom last year and I had a blast. It's a HUGE race, starts in the middle of the city and finishes in Golden Gate Park. You get to run one of the biggest hills in your entire life but it finishes all downhill. Then you have the nudist runners and those in costume who are drinking and it's basically a huge party. Now, I know traveling/lodging could add up, but if you plan ahead of time it doesn't have to be that expensive. Even if no one does it this year it's something to think about for the future! I am now going to try to make a point of doing it every year as it was a ton of fun.


Collin said...

This is actually drivable for me and May is far enough out that I will most likely suck less by then, so I'd go if other TWSS people were going. It's a pretty fast course, right?

Becky said...

yup it's fast in my opinion - there is one BRUTAL hill in mile 2 i believe but then the entire rest of it is downhill into golden gate park.