Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

In the previous post you all got to read about some of the results, so here's the rest of the weekend recap:

Dusty was 2nd at the Great Allegany Run 15k, which served as the MD State 15k Championships. On what is apparently a downhill course, Dustin ran 50:49, so roundabouts 5:28/mile pace.

Pete Mulligan was pacing at the Wineglass Marathon in NY, and did about as perfect a job as a pacer can do. He was leading the 4:30:00 group and brought them in at 4:29:45. He said it's a great course and very fast.

One result I missed in the email was the Annapolis Striders' Metric Marathon, where Cynthia Evans finished 16th in 2:16:12.

Some of our out-of-town results included Boof's 44:12/18th place at The Big House Big Heart 10k in Ann Arbor, and Julia Rudd's 38:39 1st OVERALL at the Cannon Beach 10k. Running on the sand for the first 5k yielded a 20:29 5k split, so she killed it in that second half.

As a corollary to the Red Bank Triathlon results, Pat had the fastest swim of the day, 4th fastest bike and 2nd fastest run en route to his 1:37:05 win. Kevin McGrath, our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, ran a 37:40 some odd 5 mile off the bike.

Fall is here, which means big races every weekend from here on out. Competition for PDAW will be heated. Let's make it a great racing season!

Track will continue for at least 5 more weeks, and tonight's workout will remind us of the cold spring we had. It's a fun workout that I do when I'm too lazy to think of anything else: start at 1000 and work down in 100m increments until you get to 100 (total = 5500m). The rest starts at 2:00 and works down to 1:00 in intervals of :10. See you out there, Chipotle to follow!

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