Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Tymers

While the race itself left not much to be said, pictures are always fun to scope out, such as this little gem on the mzungo blog. Look at the 5th picture down, maroon singlet (not FRRS), sunnies and compression socks.

For your convenience, also here:


Dart said...

Way to gut it out everyone. 88 deg & sunny & probably no wind made for baller efforts just to get through the course. Way to NBAP

Ben said...

The woman behind me is Tera Moody - I think she was the 3rd place American female. She is from the Chicago area and had people cheering her on the whole way. She ended up running a little under 2:31. After about 15k I fell back from this group. The rest was complete misery - about 27k of misery.