Saturday, August 7, 2010

tubing in harper's ferry

i told ed about this as we ran this morning but wanted to extend the invite to everybody

a couple times each summer, we go tubing in harper's ferry out of butt's tubes... (click on link)

it's probably ~an hour ish from bmore

we're going next sunday 8.15.10 - planning to meet in the parking lot @ 10:30am. they give you a tube and a ride a couple miles up the river, AND they pick you up after and return you to the lot.

we have a floating cooler that we stock with purple drink to consume as we's a blast.

lemme know if you wanna join in on the fun.


Seth T said...

I've done this before. Definitely a lot of fun! The tubing is better than the so called "whitewater" rafting, unless you go approximately 10 days after a tropical storm in the Gulf. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town this weekend though.

cheese said...

now that i know i'll be around, i'm in!