Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pimps Don't Cry

So apparently my eagle eyes failed me when I was perusing results on Monday morning, as I missed Seth Tibbitt's 4th place at Right Side Foundation 5k. Sweet job. As we are aware, Meg McNew won that race but what we were NOT aware of at the time is that she also ran the Bunker Hill Trail Race in the morning (and presumably won although she did not technically confirm that). Pete Mulligan did the trail race as well.

Down in Leesburg, Ben and Brennan upped the ante from last year, when they both competed in the 10k. This year the plan was to run the 20k as a workout in preparation for their race at Chicago. The course was allegedly about 0.12 short, but that's not too bad. Ben took 4th and Brennan was 6th, so very solid performances. Kendra also ran the 20k as she too is competing at Chicago.

Kevin McGrath ran a course best by 2min at the NYRR 8k Championships (a team event). 33:56 is a pretty sweet time in Central Park!

And finally, Clairebear Lears recorded an OD PR at the Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon in Arizona. Mother Nature had been having a heavy flow recently, and the flooding forced cyclists off the roads for a couple of weeks. Coupled with an illness, she wasn't sure what to expect - so she surprised herself with a 2:52:04. This was good enough for the honor of Purple Drink Athlete of the Week!

We had a pretty good workout last night despite the strong to quite strong heat. 2x(1600-1200-800) followed by 4x400 cutdowns was a good workout for the night. Depending on the weather system next week, we'll probably do our 1000s night.

Last, but certainly not least, William Spence Green is getting ready to migrate west again, his summer in Baltimore wraps up this week. He is slated to leave Saturday, but since I'll be gone Fri-Sun, we briefly chatted about getting together tomorrow (Thursday) night for a little. I'll check with him and see where he feels like going, and post in the comments or something.

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