Thursday, August 19, 2010

long run saturday

fellas, ladies, bustas, hustlas...

saturday morning
7am start

wherever is fine with me - patapsco, ncr, loch raven

~2hrs 30 mins



///MM said...

Holler I'm looking to get about 20 in on Saturday AM but due to a busted cankle need to stay on smoother surfaces. If you're talking about the smooth, packed NCR I'm in but will have to pass on Patapsco or Loch Raven.

scotty doesn't know said...

update -
gonna meet with bike-kid-brennan and tackle a loop-ish run down in DC similar to the one he did with prof. whitlock a little while back.

it'll be some tempo mixed in with LSD combined with sweat...wrapped in a pizza

should be fun, lemme know if you want in (~21/22ish total)

brennan said...

This is also what he means...

Or something like that. Doing 22 total.