Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Landed on the MOON?!

While just a few may be old enough to remember the moon landing - most notably: Ben, Kris and Justin - some may remember getting to see moon rocks in class, like Zero. With that in mind, July 20 1969 was a pivotal day in history as allegedly Neil Armstrong took the first steps by man on our little moon out there in the sky. And 40 years later we have DirecTV and my satellite still goes out.

Obviously I sent the results from the weekend out in an email yesterday, but man, what a great weekend. Here are some highlights:

Alex Viana should be on his way up to Cat 3 following his 3rd place finish at the Ronde ban Mullica.

Alyssa Godesky earned the F W (female win) at Rosaryville 50k, in the process setting what should be the course record and snagging a great prize. Arjun, Jen and Cheese all ran with her at various points.

On Wednesday, Ed Aramayo set the TWSS track mile record at 4:32.94 at the BRRC Meet of Miles (previous record was from 2006, Brett Harvey - apparently we don't race too many miles on the track).

Obviously we all saw how Dave P held it down at Badwater, finishing 17th.

Ben Ingram's team finished 2nd again at the Great Lakes Relay, and Lauren Boof Dennisuk's team finished 4th. Awesome!

And of course then there was Rockville. Some okay performances and some better than okay ones, like Arjun's 28:08 even-split race, Brennan's 28:37 following a 10 mile warmup, Eric Benjamin's 29:25 (2min faster than last time he raced here), Meg McNew's 30:59 10th place, Nina's 32:48 25th place and Pete Mulligan's 39:12 just a week off his very challenging 50k+ race.

That performance was good enough to earn Pete his first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award for the year.

The next couple of weeks are pretty quiet, so I suspect there will be many long runs and additional workouts going on. As always, post to the blog if you're looking for someone to join, or to join someone. The weather is hot and girls are dressing less, and checking out the fellas that tell 'em who's best. See you at the track tonight!

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