Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rockville Team Champions!

Results are posted and, by a considerable margin over our friends at GRC, our "A" team was the team champion. And this was with a minor slip-up of having our top female runner on the "B" squad, and our defending champ Chrissie/firepower Melissa not running!

Rockville Team Results

Overall results are posted as well, but I think some of the times may still be not quite correct.


KLIM said...


RM said...

Should I have put the * next to it since you were not able to run?

Obviously Dirk not running didn't help either.

It would be real cool if we could get the teams to butt heads all at once. We need to work on that for next year.

mgp said...

Congrats TWSS!

KLIM said...

Yes, I am actually in talks with Cherry Blossom about doing something like this - a real DC/Bmore area team champs.

The Columbia race does this, but it seems to favor numbers versus talent. I tend to think the tradition top 5 (ie cross country) is the way to go.

In any case I will check back in with you about getting an All Star FRR team together for next spring.

JAR said...

Numbers over talent? Sounds like sour grapes over some stinging defeats the last couple years to me. Is a team better because they have one or two "stars" or because they can compete 10 or 12 deep?

RM said...

Ha...Jeff I wouldn't be so sure - certainly GRC has never been allowed to compete in Club Challenge (but let's be honest, they wouldn't win on account of their female situation). However, they have quite a number of dudes who would slot in ahead of our top folks. Which again, let's face it - unless there were something tangible on the line, we wouldn't be able to get Berdan, Kip, etc., out to!

Either way I think it would be sweet, and I'm sure if we made it at an actual race that people run already it would increase the chances of it being well attended.

KLIM said...

I certainly didn't want my comment to take away from your victory...if it did, I apologize. In fact I applaud it and that was an example of talent over numbers. Additionally, I believe you guys would have beaten us at Rockville in the past if you registered a team, so this is nothing new. CB is arguably THE signature race in the DC area (certainly in the spring) and it would be great to make this an annual friendly team battle. It would be great for competitive spirits and furthermore great for the area running community.

If FRR brought their A Team to Cherry Blossom you'd be right in the mix for the W in my opinion.