Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TNT is a GO

Yes, I realize it's a thousand degrees. But guess what - it's summer. That's just what happens. Feel free to not come tonight if you don't feel like making yourself ill. I will, however, be there for whomever shows up. It is really hot, so if you don't bring water I probably won't let you do the workout. We're going to continue with the 3x2000m followed by 4x400 cutdowns as planned. We'll adjust the paces a little so as not to create exhaustion.

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RM said...

Awesome job everyone who made it out! That may have been the highest recorded temperature I've ever seen for TNT. Arjun was once again workout champion for making it through 6x2k. Melissa did 5. Spence did 4. Great work. Remember, you can't plan the weather for any given race so if you teach your body to roll with the conditions, you'll be prepared like Uncle Scar.