Thursday, July 8, 2010


Mandatory Fun Fridays

A new initiative presented by Ed & Ryan. We discussed at the track on Tuesday the possibility of having mandatory fun night this Friday. We got lazy and didn't plan anything, so we realize many of you may not be able to attend - but we do plan on doing something fairly lowkey.

Next week we could also try mandatory fun Friday but my parents allegedly may be traveling to Maryland for some going away party type activity for my aunt and uncle - so I may be out.

Either way, shout one of us out, I will be recognizing parts of this weekend in my own special way.

Also nice to see lots of blog activity today.


Christy said...

I like fun. When? Where?

RM said...

Part of the fun is that you have to guess where the fun is happening.

In other words, we have no idea. Couple of thoughts were:

tiki barge in harborview
stuggy's in fells point for hot dogs
canton dockside deck

Meg said...

I'm up for whatever.
Has anyone been to the tiki place yet? it looks interesting.

RM said...

Meg - Cheese went and said it was pretty chill. And then some girl that was eavesdropping on my conversation the other day said it was "mad chill and errbody is all cool and it's like all chill and mad fun"

alyssa said...

titty bar!

RM said...


Potentially may be a $10 cover, but you get a drink with that. Ed says last Friday it was free at night to get in. So we'll see. They don't stay open super late which is cool.

Ed and I are going to ride our bikes there. Then maybe ride back through Fells and get hot dogs from Stuggy's on the way home.

Jen said...

It's free at night. The cover is only during the day when the pool is open and is really more of a pool charge than a cover.

Enjoy your Fun Friday, I'm in NY for the weekend.