Monday, July 12, 2010

Agua Mala

To follow along the 2010 Badwater Ultra, click here. Plosko and Collin are set to take off any minute.

Good weekend of racing, I was really psyched to see a few people in action that I haven't seen results for in a while. At Pikesville 5k, Rodney Taylor and Tom Stewart went 14th/15th in 18:46/18:55. These two allegedly are training for the Berlin Marathon at the end of September. Lee DiPietro was 2nd in 19:38. Really great to see her name back in the results again. Cynthia Evans was 11th in 23:38.

Utica Boilermaker 15k is one of the largest races in the US, and while he didn't win like I told him he should, Seth D. Tibbitts was 222nd in 57:37 (6:11/mi).

Pete Mulligan raced the incredibly hard Skyline Challenge 50k, it took him 7h42m so it had to have been real hard.

Kevin and Meghan McGrath did the Belmar 5 on Saturday - Kevin ran a 4min course best and almost cracked the top 100!

And in a most usual Spider way, he had an absurd lead up to one of his races, involving canine diarrhea, oversleeping and not having a number. But he still got 10th apparently in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. I wonder if he would do worse if he actually prepared the way one is supposed to.

But, earning his first ever Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award is Seth Tibbitts. Just a few weeks ago he ran 6:35 pace for 10 miles. Yesterday he ran 6:11 for 9.3 miles. He's been at the track every week and really making an effort to improve. Awesome job!

Our cyclistas did well, with Alex placing 10th in his race on Saturday, and Dr. K in his field was 3rd. On Sunday, Dr. K and Tank raced the Capitol Crit, with Dr. K describing the sprint as a "fucking brothel" en route to finishing 19th.

ROCKVILLE IS THIS WEEKEND! Are you ready?? A great summer race around here. We could still use a girl or two for our team, so if you can race, let me know!


RM said...


Looks like Collin DNFd, early reports were that he had some trouble almost from the getgo yesterday. That's really too bad.

Meanwhile, Plosko looks good at 15th or so.

RM said...


5pm EST Dave Ploskonka has a 90 mile check of 23h39m. It has him in 26th place. The top 3 are through, winner was 24h44m and 3rd overall was a lady, 26h16m. Based on the top 3 mile 90-135 splits, I would expect Dave is at least 4 hours from the 122 check point and probably another 5 hours after that to being done.

I'll check back in after track.

RM said...


As of 10pm EST Dave has a check time of 31h14m at mile 122. For the top folks, they were running a little over 3 hours for their last 13, so we should expect to see Dave finish in the next 3 hours.

alyssa said...

He did it! 34:28:04, 17th place.

Meg said...

WOW.. Thanks for the updates! I kept trying to check the site yesterday afternoon but it wouldn't load.

Dart said...

Bad ass Dave! Great Stuff!