Sunday, July 25, 2010


Ed "Papa Blaze" Jablonski up at Ironman Lake Placid:

Swim: 1:03
Bike 5:35
Run: 3:46

Total time - 10:33:17, 174th overall and 4th in his 50-54 age group! For a second he was up to 3rd during the run but must have gotten re-passed. Not sure if he wants or will get a Kona slot, but that's a helluva performance!!

In other racing news, TWSS dominates at the curiously money-laden Cricket 5k, with Cheese winning in a walk (16:07) and Meg McNew got the win for tha ladieezz in 18:53.

Down in Crystal City at their twilight 5k, where it was 99 degrees at the start of the race, Rebecca "the other Becky" Parks took 11th in 19:51.

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