Sunday, June 27, 2010

Running with the Devil

Dave Ploskonka and Collin Anderson are doing well out at Western States, you can follow along a live webcast here. It is probably one of the best race websites I've ever seen, and I wouldn't expect that from an ultra. Of course, by the time any of you wake up, they'll likely be finished (3 hours behind). Either way you can start your day with results.

RESULTS are in...Looks like Dave finished 106th in 23:34:26, getting his coveted belt buckle by about 25 minutes! And I don't have the full story but it appears as if Collin dropped just around 24 hours with 15 miles to go.

At the New Balance Baltimore Women's Classic 5k, it was the TNT show - Megan DiGregorio took 2nd in 19:04, with Meg McNew hot on her heels in 3rd at 19:09. Suzanne Hurst (who celebrates her birthday today) was 5th in 20:01. And former TNTer Pam Maldeis took the win in 18:24.


Christy said...

Well done ladies!

Meg said...

Suzanne, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday this morning. I suck! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats on your race!