Friday, June 25, 2010

Hubs of Fury 6: Trail of Beers

All you need to know about participating in HUBS OF FURY

Saturday, June 26th
Rendezvous at Fort McHenry

But before you just show up and start drinking, here are some important tips that will help make HOF a fun and safe event for all:

1) SAFETY First. Yes, I realize I sound like a parent, but from what I hear, getting hit by a car is no fun. What does "safety" mean? Well, if you have a light, bring that. If you're a really unlucky soul, maybe a helmet. Tie your shoes and make sure you don't have any loose laces or pants that could get caught in your chain. Do NOT wear flip flops. Make sure your BICYCLE is operating properly. If you need help with that, I suggest you get a hold of someone who knows about bikes prior to riding it. Don't wait until 7:45!

2) CASH money. Some of the bars we go into may look down upon credit cards, or not accept them at all. Bring some cash! Or, plan on buying a few people's drinks at one place to meet a respectful credit card minimum.

3) Pop LOCK and drop it. You are responsible for your own machine. Bring a lock that means! As we roll up to each bar we survey the best places to lock bikes up. Inevitably we just lock a bunch of bikes together.

4) BUDDY System. Things go much smoother with a buddy (or two, or three). You should find a buddy when we first get there and work with them through the evening. Share drinks, buy each other drinks, lock your bikes up together.

5) The Captain says, drink responsibly. Remember, being drunk and riding a bike is technically an offense. If we follow the rules of the roads we ride on, we'll be fine. But, that means don't get out of control drunk! You know how much drinking you're able to handle, but I do not have a problem cutting you off if you become OOC. You do NOT have to drink at every bar, nor do you have to have a full beverage. That's why I recommend sharing.

If you follow these rules to the letter we'll have a great night!

Where are we going?

1. Down the Hatch, 1157 Haubert Street (Locust Point), 8:15pm
2. Sly Fox Pub, 823 E. Fort Ave (South Baltimore), 8:50pm
3. Pratt Street (Inner Harbor), 9:30pm (this may either be The Nest or Pratt St Ale House)
4. Mustang Alley, 1300 Bank St (Little Italy/Harbor East), 10:10pm
5. The Whistling Oyster, Broadway (Fells Point) 10:50pm
6. Bartenders, 2218 Boston St (Canton), 11:30pm
7. Canton Dockside? 3301 Boston St (Canton), 12:00am (time dependent)

As a final thought, you may be thinking - holy crap, I'm going to be pretty drunk, how am I going to ride my bike home? Well, you are welcome to stay at mine and Ed's house, 3903 Fleet St. It is close to where we finish up. We have plenty of room and furniture to sleep on. I prefer you contemplate crashing at SOMEone's house if you do not live in the immediate city areas. If you'd like, feel free to arrive at my house around 7pm and then we can caravan down to Fort McHenry together at 7:40pm.


Ben said...

pour one out for your homey. believe it or not i'll be at a polo match saturday - livin it up in "the Win".

RM said...


Like a Marco Polo match?

I would like to see a picture of Ben, wearing white shorts and a pink alligator polo shirt, popped collar. Seafoam green sweater around his neck. Polo stick/club/mallet over his shoulder, and holding one of those stupid helmets they wear, standing next to a horse.