Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tacos y Burritos

The title has nothing to do with this post. I was just thinking to myself, does this group run anymore? Not that it's a bad thing, but I feel like all our activities revolve around drinking (usually while running or riding a bike), birthdays and drinking. Also I do realize everybody IS running, just seems like turnout has been small for "group" runs.

With that in mind, the spring season is done, and for those of you are are physically able to run, let's see some chatter about running plans again! I know we suffered a blow (too bad he didn't) when Ben left, but we need some new blood to lead some runs now that I'm retired.

Suggestions from me:

Mondays - they're fun, come on out and run. Great way to start the week.

Tuesdays - even if you don't do the workout, come up, run, then eat Chipotle. Not a bad Tuesday.

Wednesdays - don't make Cheese run by himself!

Thursdays - entirely possible the return of Thursday Night Swims at Gunpowder is right around the corner...

Fridays - I used to run Patapsco every Friday with guys like Kris, Kip, Prada, BG, Jake, Justin, Travis, Steve Levin, Arjun, Alex, Chrissie. Is it possible we can bring this one back??

Weekends - now that fall marathon training is about to begin, I'm sure more long runs and workouts will be done. Let's get a post on the blog about them. Conversely, if that's too much effort, send me your run plans and I'll even do it for you.

Some things to look forward to in the weeks to come:

Columbia/Bike Jam: This Sunday! Columbia's a wee bit early, but Bike Jam is at Patterson Park and Dr. K races at 2pm and Alex is at 4 maybe. Then perhaps Kisling's or pizza party after??

Dreaded Druid Hills: A truly unique race in Baltimore, and one of the hardest you'll ever run. That's why none of us ever run it. Traditionally we all volunteer, and since Wire to Wire will be timing and Pete is RD, let's get those of you who are around to come out and help Saturday June 5!

Hubs of Fury 6??? That's right, it's about that time. Tentative weekend plan right now is Saturday June 26.

Rockville Twilight: The race of the summer, there is no better event. I know some of you will be going to the Jack Johnson concert that evening but this...costs less. Saturday July 17. Always a fun time.

So sound off! The blog's been fairly quiet lately. Any suggestions or comments can be directed to the comment section or to me!


alyssa said...

In the (entirely possible) instance that I never attend another group run, I just want you all to know.

It's not me, it's you.

THE KRIS said...

except me. it's not me.

i plan to start running patapsco on fridays again in about a month. it'll be slow and ugly (twss), but anyone is welcome.

RM said...

So basically Alyssa what you're saying is that you want to be removed from the list?? Haha.

Kris I would love to join you. Perhaps I'll come and walk for a while.

Meg said...

I just want to know what this post has to do with Jusin Bieber.

RM said...

Meg: everything, everywhere, has someTHING to do with Justin Bieber

Meg said...

I didn't even know who he was until like a week ago.

Ben said...

hey, i may have found a couple guys to run with out here, but they certainly aren't going to replace TWSS! You guys are the greatest running group on the planet! Remember that. Be that.

Christy said...

I finished school for awhile so you can all look forward to seeing more of me at group runs. Nobody ever likes my workouts but I'll start posting them anyway.

Who is Justin Bieber?

RM said...

Chrissie use google. I don't know how you don't know this, you were in the car with me all weekend up to Philly a few weeks ago! You read about him in the gossip mags I had in the car.

cheese said...

please don't waste my time time time time time