Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All I Do is Win

Man I'm really slacking on the posting of race results to the blog. My apologies!

Let's talk about winning for just a moment. Denise maintained her winner's status at BRRC Women's Distance Festival, narrowly edging out Meg McNew. But that must have just revved Meg up, who doubled it up that day and won the Cool Kids 5k that evening. Andrew Beef Jaffe won a duathlon out in East Bumble, MD, by almost 3 minutes. Pretty awesome.

Up in Kennett Square, Ed made sure he was first loser in the money column by taking 4th in 16:10. Meanwhile, in Central Park, Kevin had an off day, running 44:26 and taking 853rd in this 7800 person race.

Germantown 5 Miler is known for being competitive, and certainly with Dave Berdan taking 3rd with a 25:17 that's proof positive it is! Tim Parker was 9th, in what may be his first 5 miler in all the years I've been running with him. He ran 29:28.

Barf will be in Charleston, SC, til mid-July, but didn't want to let that affect his running and racing. He found a race down there and jumped in it. From the race report, he and another dude were battling it out for the majority of the race, before the guy's impressive 800m speed allowed him to take the win. Barf was 2nd in 17:58.

Sara Spears ran in the Ragnar Relay up in NY. The 20 miles she put in over the 28ish hours has got to be the most she's ever run in a two day timeframe, and her last 6 mile leg was run at just over 8min pace!

Terence just finished up his first year of law school, and as most who have gone through it can attest, that's the hardest year. Needless to say, he hasn't been running much. Nevertheless he raced to a 35:52 10k, which is a big PR, at the Cleveland Marathon 10k! And Tuesday ran her first 10k ever (and her longest run), which earned her the KC Masterpiece Award.

Cascade Lake Triathlon was set up to be a tremendous battle, and it did not disappoint. OJ had the 2nd fastest swim of the day behind our friend Brian (who outsplit him by 1 second from a different wave). He was then neck and neck with another training partner, Lucas, for almost the entire run, but getting dusted right at the end. OJ's 17:22 5k split is one of the fastest times he's had in years, and that's an awesome sign heading into this weekend. Meanwhile Zero, who was finishing up a huge 4 day training block, took 11th against some of the best competition around.

In the end, the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week was awarded to Terence for his major PR (previous best was 36:33 at Pike's Peek, the notoriously fast course).

Lastly, a quick note on Blaze and how absurd he is: Wednesday he ran in the MIAA Championships. He ran a 1:53 split in the 4x800, and a few hours later ran a 2:02 qualifying 800, followed by a 9:23.10 3200m meet record. Then on Saturday he ran a 4:24 1600 to win, and then won the 800 in 1:55.47. Pretty sick.

This weekend is a big one for spectating, with Columbia Triathlon (one of the most competitive races on the east coast) and Bike Jam (Patterson Park, afternoon) all going on. Following Bike Jam we're thinking about possibly going to Kisling's so holler.


fbg said...

Have you heard Life in 1472? I'm not sure if you're referring to the first song:

Thick and thin,
from beginning to the end,
never do I lose;
all I do is win... 'cause:
College Park is in the house.
This is Nas Escobar
and I turns it out.


fbg said...

Oops... I just remembered Nas is from Queen's Bridge. It's Don Chi Chi who's from College Park. Same words, though.

RM said...

I haven't heard that song in a REAL long time...the one I'm referring to is the new DJ Khaled feat Ludacris/Rick Ross/Snoop:

All I do is win, win win
No matter what
Got money on my mind
I can never get enough
And everytime I step up in the building
Everybody hands go up...

And they stay there

cheese said...

...and they stay there