Monday, May 3, 2010

Gluten + Trans Fat = Tasty

But it also = unhealthy, as we were taught over the weekend by resident dietitian, Melissa Majumdar.

Alright so we had another weekend with approximately a bajillion race results so between the email and the results on the left, I'm sure you can figure it all out and I'll just do the highlights:

It was hot, humid, rainy, windy - in general not conditions designed for optimal performance.

BROAD STREET - didn't go as planned for most, but that's not to say there weren't some good performances. Dave finished 11th at 52:11, and Chrissie was 4th in 59:11. This was good for a new TWSS record (and we also found out that the alleged girl who ran for 4th on chip time was, in fact, a MAN, man). Andy and Nina did NOT run holding hands and, as a result, both ran season, and probably personal, bests.

Nanticoke Triathlon - It was like Return of the (Patty) Mack up in here, with Pat splitting the fastest run of the day (always a great feeling) and 11th best swim to take 7th overall. Great start to the season!

Vancouver 8k - JRudd won the race, finished 8th overall, set a new PR and took the course record by over 3 minutes. Just in a day's work out in British Columbia.

Turkey Hill Classic - Alex captured his first ever road race win in this field of 75. Winning a field sprint is something not many get to experience. It's nerve-racking, dangerous, exciting and above all, really hard and you have to have a little something more than everyone else on that day.

Frederick - I'd be remiss to not mention Denise's 3rd place at Frederick, even if 3:21:16 is 16 minutes slower than her winning time there last year. At least she showed up to defend! Dr. J was 2nd in the 5k the night before. Pete Mulligan unfortunately had to drop out of a race for the first time in his life, but made the smart decision as he was feeling cold - never a good sign when it's warm out!

Pittsburgh - Dusty was running well, and as he said to me afterwards, had it been almost any other race distance (5k, 10k, even half) he probably would have PR'd, he felt that good. But his body was just not ready to race the 26.2 miles on that day and he unfortunately had to drop at 21. However, the cops found a suspicious microwave near the finish line and rerouted the finish line, and detonated the device. Crazy.

Celiac 5k/10k - OJ gets 3rd, Tom Stott 5th and Patty Stott 6th F in the 5k; Meg McNew wins the 10k in 42:09.

Billy Korrow Memorial 5k - Matty Blaze takes the W in 16:37.

So 4 wins, a couple of PRs and now the choice for Purple Drink Athlete of the Week: Alex Viana. As I mentioned in the email version, it's something that many cyclists never get a chance to experience. Not that runners have any more of a likelihood of winning, but when your race almost always comes down to a mass sprint, it becomes that much harder. Plus he earned half the points he needs to cat UP to a 3. Awesome job buddy. First PDAW for Alex in 23 months.

WAIT A MINUTE! I forgot to shout out a race result. Eileen Fleck ran the Apple Blossom 10k and finished 9th in the great time of 40:50. Way to go Eileen! Oh, and Kendra Ingram also ran, running 6 minutes faster than she expected!


Ben said...

So julia - who has never even lived in Baltimore gets love for a race 3,000 miles away - and nothing for the Apple Blossom 10k? Even though Eileen (who I somehow didn't even see), who lives in Baltimore, also ran the race! I guess I need to start dating Chris Solinsky to not be completely forgotten after I move away.
Wow - just wow.

alyssa said...

I agree Ben, I agree.

THE KRIS said...

congrats alex, wish i had been there to see it.

RM said...

1. Ben, did you win your race? Or run a PR? Or set a Course Record?

2. Did you not also read the email? Or see your result posted on the results immediately after you raced?

3. You did not sound super psyched after your race, Julia sent me 15 texts expressing her excitement. Excitement wins.

4. Alyssa, don't chime in.

Ben said...

So the squeaky texter gets the ink? Is that really a precedent you want to set?

alyssa said...



(cue the chimes)

RM said...

No, not the squeaky texter, I received about 100 of them yesterday about race results.

Enthusiasm for one's race wins.

The squeaky texter gets the ink sounds very Lewis F. Carroll.

Alyssa do you even know what "boom roasted" means?

THE KRIS said...

ha! i love when the comments get tense.

alyssa said...

"alyssa do you even know what 'boom roasted' means?"

I know what you're a douchebag means.

alyssa said...