Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not sure I am surprised by this

My Thoughts on the news:

1. Not surprised this happened. Reminds me the time when someone threatened to shoot me. I was on Greenmont by the jail, I probably deserved it.

2. Makes me sad/pissed about society. Not a good commentary on the city, but again I am not surprised at all.

3. Really 1pm, wtf. Go to school or something, but am I surprised?

4. Headphones, come on.


TurtleHead said...

The worst that has happened to me while running is getting beer bottles thrown at me while running at 10pm on a Friday night in Towson. (yeah, I was asking for it), and getting run off the road in Ellicott City by some dude in a pickup with huge wheels.
I've run in the crappiest neighborhoods of Baltimore and DC with no problems.
Moral of the story? You should be more concerned about trouble from rednecks than urban youth.

TurtleHead said...

Although I highly advise not doing a toga run through economically depressed areas, especially when said toga is not fastened properly, and looks just like you're wearing a white sheet, not a toga...

RM said...

The worst I've ever experienced, because it was the most dangerous, is riding in Frederick/Thurmont/KKK country. They hate so many things, but especially people in spandex riding bikes. As if we're making their lives worse. Run off the roads, stuff thrown at you, it's bad.

THE KRIS said...

i like that headphones mad the top 5 list of concerns.

THE KRIS said...

or "made" if you prefer.

Meg said...

Agreed- Western MD is horrible. I'd feel much safer running at Druid Hill (even after dark) than along some country road in Fredneck. But then maybe I'm stupid.

gladfelter said...

Until you've lived in North Central Po-Dunk Pennsylvania, I can attest that there are NOT any rednecks in Towson or Ellicott City. At least, not any really red rednecks.

Big wheels do not entirely cover the gamet of redneck. So called "Rednecks" in the greater Baltimore area are more like, just plain and simple, WT.

Perhaps if they threw a Busch Pounder, Keystone, Old Milwalkee, Budweiser, or Genesse your way they may have been real rednecks... I'm guessing it was bmore WT beer, Natty Bo

See, real rednecks have really beat up big wheels, which don't look nice, are muddy, rusted, and have all sorts of loose parts and loud engines mufflers. They would immediately get pulled over by MD State Police if they ever hit the beltway. I don't even know if this region has bad enough roads to beat a redneck truck into true shape?

These trucks have NASCAR and beer stickers somewhere (and often everywhere) on the windows, a gun rack usually having guns on them, a rebel flag or three on little flag poles, and mud flaps which are usually Yosemity Sam with Guns, or get off my tail. They also have dual exhaust pipes and sometimes quad exhaust, or those really big pipes that are vertical and shoot out the top of the truck like a 18-wheeler rig.

Also, they would have to be blasting Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, maybe some Alabama or Alan Jackson, and if they are feeling frisky some Skynyrd.

They'd have to be wearing a sleeveless shirt with a pack of Marlboro smokes in the pocket, a smoke in one side of the mouth, and a big old chaw of Redman or Skoal fine cut in the other side (or sometimes in both the upper and lower lip).

Then the obvious, missing teeth, truckers hat, and a raggedy woman with low self esteem hanging out of the passenger side.

Definately no sealbelt use.

Also, if there was actually beer in the bottle they threw at you, they were definatley NOT rednecks...they wouldn't waste any beer - they'd make sure they grabbed an empty off the floor mat and throw that. This probably had cigarette butts or chew spit in it too.

Then, if you had all of that - you may have been attacked by a redneck. My guess is Bmore WT.

gladfelter said...

I do like the advice on the Toga... Funny and wrong all at once.

cheese said...

what's wrong with natty boh?