Friday, May 7, 2010

Freaks Come Out at Night, not the super sexy vampires, but the place to be on the anniversary of the first sub 4 minute mile (Sir Roger Bannister, 1954). A hearty crew made the trip in an absurd number of vehicles to my alma mater to compete in the 2nd Annual Maryland Twilight Meet. We arrived to find out they bumped all the events up, so thankfully we got there when we did.

Men's 800m: Jordan raced first at 6:50pm. The wind had just started to settle. Jordan was sitting in the middle of the field for the first lap, but then used a strong 2nd lap to really move up. I can't remember what his position in the heat was, but he finished 10th overall in a NEW TWSS record, 1:58.01. This represented a drop of 3.76 seconds from the MSU meet. AND he blew chunks after the race again. I got pics. Lots of chunks. Ate two double cheeseburgers and fries beforehand. Louis Foudos ran to a 2:06.64 which was 6 seconds faster than his previous best this season!

Women's 1500m: In a pretty competitive field, Diane ran one of the smartest races I've ever seen. I figured she'd have some tired legs after the amount she ran Sunday, but apparently not tired enough to go 75-75-72-51. Yeah, negative splits the 1500m. She made up so much ground that for a second we thought she might catch the leaders. She finished 3rd overall and was just a shade over 2 seconds over her PR! Since nobody has ever raced an outdoor 1500m, this is a new team record as well.

Men's 1500m: Ed, Arjun and Louis were all in the same heat. Ed got out well, and sat on the outside of lane 1 in about 3rd position. His pace was solid, and he kicked hard to run a 4:02.54. This is the 2nd fastest time he's ever run by 3 seconds, and achieved his goal for the season! Arjun's goal was to run under 4:10, and he ran a very strong race, looking more focused than some previous races. He finished at 4:07.60 which is 4 seconds faster than his previous time this season. Louis, just shortly after the 800, managed to run 4:40.40.

All in all it was a great meet in College Park, truly amazing performances and already putting pressure on the weekend's festivities for PDAW. Afterwards our crew of Pat, Melissa and Diane's friend Mark headed down to Route 1. AND promptly got shut out of the bars because we were too OLD. Student night everywhere we went, no entrance without student ID.

WHAT THE F***!!!


Ben said...

HA HA HA HA - too old! I love it.

If any of those speedsters are interested - there is the Loudon Street mile here in Winchester on Memorial Day. My parents are going to be in town, so we can't offer a place to stay - but, it's relatively late - open women is at 9:00am and open men at 10:00am. The winner last year was 4:11 for men and 4:53 for women - so, it's quick!

cheese said...

ryan forgot to mention how the alumni mile was going to be cancelled until he saved the day by jumping in, bringing the body count high enough for them to still run it. denise hit 6:01 and ryan managed a 6:16 off of yoga training.

alyssa said...

ummm or maybe "student night" was cover up for "we hear there's a creepy almost 30-year-old-man who likes taking pictures of teenage girl's bootys wandering around, please keep him out of all our establishments."

RM said...

As always, I thank you Alyssa for your comments

Fortunately there are no official results that indicate that I actually ran!

Ben, you should use one of the Loudon St Mile bibs that we have and not actually register for it, ha!

Meg said...

You don't use your old student ID anymore? I use mine all the time for discounts and stuff. There's no date on it. No one ever notices that I'm older than dirt.

RM said...

I lost mine when my car got totaled as it was parked on a street in Hampden. Reason #467 why I don't go there if I can avoid it. By then I was already out of college and couldn't get another. I've actually considered taking A class again so I can get one.

And Meg, you're a small blonde girl who looks young, I'm sure nobody would question it!