Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Bring Your Own Light. Melissa Bajumdar has graciously been duped into being my "safety runner" for my race in a few weeks. Since she may encounter having to run/hike the trails at night, we are doing a practice run at Patapsco tomorrow (Wednesday). Sunset is at 8:04pm and we will probably head out slightly before then. We'll do the loop I do that takes me about 1.5 hours. And I'll run it once beforehand too if you wanted to do more. ~8 minute pace, all are welcome if you want a fun and light (pun intended) run! We will probably park at the Park & Ride as to not draw attention to the fact that we are out there. Holler in the comments if we should expect your ugly  face.


TurtleHead said...

Hey, I thought I saw you two running across the road with headlamps! I had just finished my run, but I was too far away to "holler".

RM said...

1. Awesome that Steve-O just used the word holler

2. You should have run with them!

TurtleHead said...

1. thanks
2. I didn't see this post until after the run.
3. 8 min per mile is pretty "baller" for me at Patapsco. At least on the route I do. Up the two big hills of Bull Run, follow the powerlines, then through the rocky section into the Catonsville CC XC course. I can do most of that in 8ish per min, less or more depending, but the hills and rocky section slow me down.
4. I just said "baller" in addition to "holler".

alyssa said...

shot caller.

There are people out there who don't check the blog every hour?

That was definitely us! We probably were going slower than 8 minute pace, I generally just put that to indicate a conversational pace for all the road runners in the group. I'll let you know if we do it again!