Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer Race in 2011

Ryan and I were talking about how it seems that none of us have done any big summer road races. We've had great participation in Spring and Fall races - but there are some awesome Summer races that deserve a road trip. Given that many of us already have plans for this Fall I thought that I would at least plant the seed right now of Summer 2011 even though it's a long ways away.
The big races in July include Peachtree 10k in Atlanta, Boilermaker 15k in Utica, and Bix7 in the Quad Cities (IA & IL border on Mississippi River). Falmouth in Cape Cod is another great Summer race, but it's not until late August. My preference is for Bix7. Some great US runners usually show up (Meb won last year), it's an odd distance - so automatic PR, it's driveable in a day, it's cheap ($30), & great after party. I could be swayed if the group would rather go somewhere else.
And no - as much as some of you may have hoped - you haven't gotten completely rid of me yet.


alyssa said...

lets hope by 2011 ben's alzheimers doesn't kick in and he forgets he made this post...

JAR said...

My offer to host people in Atlanta for the Peachtree 10K still stands.

Jen said...

I had a blast at Boilermaker last year. And by blast I mean I puked twice, but that may have to do with the Power Hours I did the night before. It is a fun race if you aren't terribly hungover though. You get a sweet pint glass and all the yummy Saranac beer you can drink after.

Big Pappa said...

where are you starting from that IA is driveable in a day? Or do you mean it will take all day.

RM said...

Probably that it will take all day.

My short list of places I'd like to go (not all in the same year):

Bolder Boulder

I'd also personally like to be able to run IN these races, rather than just travel to them. So with that in mind I should be ready to go by 2020.

Claire said...

I've done the boilermaker 3 times and it is always a great time and the post race is amazing.

Since I'm a bit further away from the east coast these days I'm more inclined to say Bix because it's a shorter flight but with enough advanced notice I guess I'd be up for any of them.

I've never heard of the Boulder Bolder but it's only a days drive from me so I'm up for adding that to the list.