Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Imma Be

Why don't you put it on the blog? Rocking like this is our job. We can't help that we're popular, and all these folks want to flock to us...

Seriously awesome job this weekend + Marathon Monday for everyone out there. Here's how it all shook out.


With a little help from our friends we successfully timed our 4th race as Wire to Wire. It was the CollegeBound 5k at Druid Hill Park. A whopping 65 people competed in the accurately measured race. Personally I was hoping it would be something Barf could have gotten the W and a PR, but he'd have to settled for just the PR at 17:13.

Then I headed over to Morgan State for the Legacy Meet. After missing Cheese, who registered as Justin Bieber, in the 1500m, I was able to catch him, Arjun and Jordan in the 800. Good race, although they weren't super psyched with their times. The story of the day was how Jordan got to the race. He went out to Ropewalk on Friday night, chatted up a co-ed and the young lady traveled back to his abode with him. The next morning she was still there, so he made the most of it by having her drive him up to the race. That earns him the KC Masterpiece Award.

At the first tri of the season, OJ Keller took 2nd on the heels of a great swim, and a very quick run (37:22 10k split, 4th best of the day). David Lee was 15th thanks to the 4th fastest bike split.


Kevin McGrath raced a marathon relay yesterday and today went out and ran a PR (1:31:25) at the Rutgers Half.

BG returned to racing in a marathon relay in Vienna, running 10 miles in about 55 minutes.


We've all seen the results and heard some of the stories, but here are a few highlights:

Will negative split to a 2:33:25. Not too shabby for someone whose training was interrupted by a new work schedule, not to mention working the expo AT the marathon the day before. Will had a great time doing the race and wants to get a group up there for next year, so get your qualifying done early!

Beef ran a tremendous race and took another 7 minutes off his previous best (2:45 at NYC) and 14 minutes off his time at Boston last year.

Brennan decided he was going to run the race a little more seriously than planned. But he still had his camera and was taking pictures, he stopped to talk to his family, stopped to get kisses from the Wellesley girls...and was negative splitting each 5k until the last one.

Lisa ran a terrific race and I'll have to check with her to see if 3:21:59 was a PR.

Boof's PR was 3:11 from her first marathon last year in VA Beach. She got out well yesterday, 1:35 at the half, going for the gold. She slipped a little on the back half but it seemed to go well, finishing at 3:23.

Meg McNew wasn't far behind, in a new PR of 3:23:45.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, as mentioned in the email, goes to Andrew Jaffe for his tremendous performance yesterday.

It's always great to see so many results, but as I have been reminded it's not always about one result, rather the experience. As runners we have a desire to be at our best every time we toe the line. Particularly when we're on the biggest stage our sport has to offer. It doesn't always work out the way we would like, but that's racing. Not everyone can go out and PR in every race they do (unless you're Beef, apparently!). For you who ran Boston you were able to take part in a tradition unlike any other!*

Keep doing all you can to reach your goals, whatever they may be.


alyssa said...

what I considered leaving as a comment: did your vagina write that last paragraph?

what I am leaving as a comment: did you steal that last paragraph out of a hallmark card?

Ben said...

There's an asterisk there, which makes me think it's from something. But, when I googled it I didn't find anything direct - although in the first 6 google links were MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and a website called the "Lesbian Lifestyle". I guess that paragraph is kind of a combination.

RM said...

Well, you two can use ESP to guess what I'm thinking about each one of you right now then.

*Tradition unlike any other is what CBS refers to the Masters Golf Tournament.

Of course, if by tradition they mean tradition of being a club that only allows white males to play there, then no, it's just about like every other tradition in the world like voting and owning land.

gladfelter said...

I just pissed myself laughing at the three thread comments! LMDO

alyssa said...

I'm afraid to ask what LMDO even means.

Andrew Jaffe said...

laughing my dick off?

gladfelter said...

Ding Ding Ding! And the PDAW advances to the next round.