Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPods are the devil

It's bad enough when people run through the city with headphones on, making themselves oblivious to traffic, other runners and their surroundings. This accident may pose a good argument for never wearing headphones while running and instead enjoying the sights and sounds of your surroundings... and avoiding death.


RM said...

Having read this yesterday, you have to just think this is nature working here. Obviously this human was not intended to live. There is no explanation for this thing.

That said, you do feel bad because it's not as if he was hit by a car because he wasn't paying attention from listening to his music. He was just running along the beach, listening to some Norah Jones or maybe Ke$ha, getting all mellow, and then poof.


Meg said...

I love how the guy is more concerned about his plane than the loss of a human life: "I've got a lot of issues going on right now. I've got a plane that's all torn up. And I've got a young man that I killed."