Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!

That's right folks, in a matter of weeks Ben 'The Ass Man' Ingram will be leaving our lives forever. It is an event that is made all the more tragic as his wife, Kendra, will be going with him. As Baltimore looses the greatest one-two punch since Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig, the least we can do is give them a proper goodbye.

This Saturday after the Sun Trust National Marathon and Half Marathon we will be hosting a Farewell party for "Bendra" at 1321 Clarkson Street! Bring your favorite 6/12/18/24/30-pack to share and we will give one of each to Ben and Kendra as a goodbye gift so they have something to do in the boonies of Shanandoah. Feel free to invite your friends. We will be getting the party started whenever we managed to get some food in us for dinner.

What: Bendra's Farewell
Where: 1321 Clarkson Street, Federal Hill
When: 8ish???
What to bring: A least one beer to share.


Ben said...

Wow - I'm speechless. Thanks so much for hosting! Kendra will be a little late as she has to work a concert - but, that will just make it more entertaining when she shows up and I'm already drunk.

RM said...

Things I hope to not hear about:

(and by not hear about, I fully expect them to happen)

1. Ben passed out on the couch before anyone gets there

2. Alex standing up and giving some long, drawn out soliloquy

Guess that's about all we can always count on at parties.

"Bring one beer to share"

Christy said...

Ben- you should run in the Apple Blossom festival the 1st Saturday in May. If you win you get to be the "Apple Blossom Prince" wear a crown and ride on the lead boat in the parade. (By get to, I mean you are required to in order to claim your prize$). Some Ethiopian girl beat me last year. She was way more excited about the $1000 than being the princess. I'm still bitter.

Ben said...

judging from the times I'm pretty sure that I won't be getting any crowns. But, I am going to run it!

scotty doesn't know said...

the tough part of that race is running by all the fried food stands the last half mile - it'll really wanna make you vomit