Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Workouts over the holidays

I know a lot of folks are away this week and next - but, I wanted to see if any of those remaining souls might want to join me for some workouts as I attempt to get back into the swing of things.

Easy runs - I'm going to be at both the Wednesday night runs (tonight and next week) - as well as the Monday night run next week.

Longish run with hills - I'd like to run ~13 mi with 3-4 hills on the backside of Druid Park on Sunday (12/27)

Track workout - I have a 12X400m with 400m rest workout planned for next Tuesday (12/29). Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. I was thinking that I'd do this in the evening (6-6:30pm to start the warmup at Gilman).

Tempo workout - I have a 3X2 mi (2 min rest) workout planned for next Thursday morning (NYE) - probably will do this on Arjun's "Harbor Prarie" four mile course.

I'm willing to modify the workouts in return for company if anybody has other ideas.


alyssa said...

Unfort I will not be much help in terms of keeping you company on these runs, but if you want to play at all over the weekend I'll be around! hollerrrrrrrr

RM said...

Ben I'll give you a call and maybe come out for support - perhaps I can ride my bike alongside you as you run your tempo run on NYE

fbg said...

@alyssa: my first thought was that "unfort" was the loop we do during winter at Fed Hill Runners.