Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hey kids- just a heads up that in addition to the running festival Saturday and a home Ravens game on Sunday complete with Chad Ochocinco, this fantastic event will also be further clogging our streets and the down town area.
Yes, Comic Con 2009 is finally here.


Ben said...

And Baltimore BEER WEEK starts today!!!!

///MM said...

A little anxious to make up for your teetotaling September?

Ben said...

what the hell was i thinking?

RM said...

Wow Z echoed my exact sentiments re: Ben's excitement regarding beers.

Also regarding Comic Con, which I saw the signs for yesterday and thought man that's stupid they have that shit those weirdos are going to be all over the course in weirdo costumes.

Then Emily said that could be kind of awes.

///MM said...

Dude I heard on the radio that there's a costume contest this year.

AND it's 'Breast Fest' Saturday afternoon too at Nick's.