Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something to Run for This Weekend

Brennan and I came across an article about Jenny Crain in this month's Runner's World magazine that nearly brought me to tears (unfortunately RW only posts past issues on their website. If anyone is interested in reading the full article, let me know and I'll make a copy). I thought it the story may serve as inspiration for this weekend's run or at least help us appreciate our abilities.

Jenny Crain was a Milwaukee-based, world-class athlete before getting hit by a car in August 2007. She had competed in 3 Olympic Marathon Trials and was the first American female finisher in the 2004 NY Marathon - now she resides at a rehabilitation home, struggles to walk more than 50 feet, and has limited speech due to severe brain damage from the accident. I have been very distracted today thinking about how lucky a number of us are to be relatively fine after some pretty crazy incidents. Please remind me of Jenny's situation next time an injury sidelines me or you find me complaining of anything. Remember that life is still pretty good when it comes down to it!


RM said...

I found an article from what must have been last year, more close to the accident. It was right before OLY Trials I guess. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about that, as I definitely know who she is.

///MM said...

and there's this dude:,0,3412802.story

Meg said...

I just read the article yesterday. So heartbreaking. Definitely put things in perspective for me, as I've been moping around and sulking over my injury, which will keep me out for a few months at most. (I know, waaahh, right?) Thanks for posting this.