Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving to Atlanta

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be moving to Atlanta at the end of this month, and since Claire used this forum to let everyone know, I thought I would too. Emory University recruited me there to help them build up their neuroimmunology/neuroinfectious diseases program. I am, however, expecting to be back probably a couple weekends, 4-6 days, per month. I’ll probably be busy on those return trips, but maybe I’ll still see you on the occasional weekend long run or weekend race. Also, I’ll keep up with the blog, so maybe I’ll see some of you in Miami, or Boston, or Rio. And, of course, if any of you come to Atlanta and want to visit or need a place to stay, look me up. My contact information should be easy to find on the Emory website. I have a difficult time imagining finding such a good group of runners to join when I get down there, but hopefully, with time, I will. So, stay healthy and keep running!


RM said...

Wow, Jeff, congratulations - that's big news! Emory is a great school, unfortunately Jake went there, but you can't judge a school based on one bad seed.

Perhaps Peachtree 10k, 7/4/10?

JAR said...

Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to running the Peachtree 10K sometime when I'm down there. If you all want to come down and run it, let me know. I've heard it sells out very rapidly, so we'll have to be on top of things to get in.