Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eat Fit Run

I have created a new blog focused on what I love - eating and running. I really want everyone to post questions and comments so it is interactive and helpful. I have taken note of the topics you guys have given me so far. I will work through a write up of each one. This first week I posted about iron deficiency and anemia and will have a post each day on the topic. The goal of the blog is to help everybody's nutrition and training, so help me help you! Also give me feedback about the structure of the blog since I am a novice blogger. If you could spread the word about the blog to other runners; I am hoping to reach as many bloggers as possible. Thanks in advance!


RM said...

My only comment is that Melissa changed her posting name and it's REALLY long now!

fbg said...

And yours is too short. (TWSS)

Melissa Bosslet Majumdar, RD, LDN, CPT said...

I changed it for the other blog so that it would be more official and people might take me seriously. I still would want Mel for this blog, but I guess it changes them both if I am logged in the win some, you lose some.