Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upcoming Races

Is anyone planning on running Marine Corps Marathon? I know Will is running but other than him I don't think anyone else is. Sweet, we won't have to walk from Rosslyn to DuPont again this year.

Just wanted to enlighten you all on some "other" races that are coming up in October and November:

Saturday September 26: Bull Run Reunion Run. 3 mile cross country race at Hereford High School (MD state course). No entry fee, just show up and run. We went in 2006 and 2007, but the event was postponed due to rain last year. I don't expect to be there myself but it's a really fun event. Race usually starts at noon.

Saturday October 24: Alpha Omicron Pi 5k at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Apparently it's in remembrance of one of their sisters who passed away, so I don't intend to belittle that, but there's sorority girls so that's always good. It would be pancake flat, it's in Chestertown, after all.

Sunday November 1: Run Through the Grapevine 8k. I did this race back in 2006 and it's one of, if not the hardest cross country race you can do. NOT for the weak of ankles, you run betwixt the rows of grape trees. Very challenging. But fun, and almost everyone gets a prize and almost all the prizes are bottles of wine.


Ben said...

KWI and I will be running the navy 5 miler by the pentagon this sunday. I might run the BWI 4 mi race on the 27th as well.

Ben said...

oh - and i have a good name for hubs of fury 5. Hubs of fury 5 - Dead Man Riding. In honor of your cadaver ACL - and it's close to holloween.

Finally - why the hell isn't your birthday on the board!!! Just because santa has a crappy year does he cancel christmas? or does jerry stop asking for money on labor day? if you can't do it for yourself anymore - at least do it for us! we need your birthday and accompanying festivities - and i won't even be able to drink!!!

Meg said...

I'm running MCM with my dad- it's his first marathon. He just turned 67. I think that's pretty bad ass.

RM said...

1) KWI - I like the nickname! Good luck at Navy, and BWI! That's lots of racing heading into ATM!

2) I like the name for Hubs. If anyone else has a suggestion, let it be heard and we can vote. Maybe airbrushing t-shirts is in order this time.

3) You guys are welcome to celebrate my birthday without me. In light of my current situation I just didn't want to be reminded of it because normally it's a super sweet time.

4) Megan that's awesome your dad is running his first! He will likely beat both of my attempts at marathoning.

Johnnie Cochran said...

"You guys are welcome to celebrate my birthday without me."

Unacceptable. I missed three years of themed birthday parties and I will be damned if there is not one this year. I missed pirates v ninjas, for fucks sake.

fuck, lets get Elf-a-palooza organized.

RM said...

Yep, this would have been the 5th anniversary, but when one cannot even stand up or sit down, one cannot throw oneself a party in the same capacity as previous years sadly :(

Rebs said...

Hello. I am running the 10K at MCM. When is your birthday Ryan?

Rebs said...
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Meg said...

Ryan- I doubt it...his goal is 4:29. Only because he wants to beat Oprah.