Friday, September 18, 2009

Baltimore Marathon Relay Spots

So my friends from DC had a relay put together but two people bailed on them so they need to fill two spots. If you want to run a leg let me know in the comments or contact me by electronic mail or cellular telephone.


RM said...

Z - dudes or chicks?

Do they have an idea of the pace they'd like to accomplish?

///MM said...

One dude, one chick. Not so fast. Probably 8 somethings? Not competitive. If there's no interest I'll probably run the last two legs. Or I'll do all 4, the first two with them, the last two faster. Possibly in a banana suit. Then the 30th birthday celebration begins.

///MM said...

Or wearing florescent spandex and Bo Jackson Nikes or rainbow Air Maxs carrying a boombox bumping early 90's hip hop.

RM said...

I like the second idea better.

I'm sure somebody feels like running 6-7 miles at their normal training pace.

Although I did have to place 3 runners this week onto various teams.

Christy said...

Diane is looking for a relay team

RM said...

Diane got placed on a relay team the other day.

As did Matt Stanford and Jake Marren.