Friday, September 11, 2009

RM 5k @ Goucher Coll Now

Sorry for the late notice. I emailed a bunch of people yesterday letting them know but we are not able to use the track at Towson, so we are moving the race to Goucher College. I am only hopeful that there is nothing going on at the track because I wasn't able to get a hold of anyone that could tell me whether there would be or not.

But since God hates me and is making the weather shitty, my hopes are not high.

The deal:

9:00am: "Registration"
9:30am: Heat 1 (ladies and dudes who don't feel like getting lapped in the seeded heat more than twice)
10:00am: Heat 2 (dudes)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good conditions. We have some guests coming up from other clubs so be nice.

Try not to call me to ask me dumb things tomorrow. If you aren't running and want to come help out, that's great. We'll need some help with timing (so bring a stopwatch) and lap counting. It would also be great to have people cheering for the athletes as this is going to be a pretty low key event.

We won't have water so bring your own. And it looks like I'll have to head back to NJ following the race so if people want to organize a post-race thing somewhere, discuss at the race. I had suggested Kisling's last week only because it's a good place for a group of people to go, eat some wings and drink some beers and they're very friendly to us.

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