Monday, September 21, 2009

Make My Bottle Pop

First, I don't intend to bump Megan's post so make sure you read below about a race this weekend up in Harford County area.

Second, I always feel bad when I just forget to put things in the email, knowing there are many people that only read the email, SO with that in mind I'm going to start with the one I forgot:

Nike 5k for Kids: Ryan Schmidt, who recently moved with wife Sara and daughter Claire to Hawaii, has used the move as a catalyst for getting back into shape. It's awesome to hear the excitement back in his voice as he told me about the race, which had a huge number of participants. With no mile markers, no clocks and no watch, he had no idea how fast he was going until they announced his time at the awards. 4th place, 17:16. Awesome!

Hidden Peak Challenge: Collin Anderson did this race in Utah that started at 8000' elevation and went straight up to 11,000' for 4.5 miles. It took him almost an hour and he was 6th. That sounds hard.

Diane Geppi-Aikens 5k: Kristen Till took 2nd here in 18:59. I'd like to do this race one time, Ms. Aikens was the Loyola women's lacrosse coach and passed away of cancer I believe a number of years ago.

Navy 5 Miler: You can read the race report over on Ben's blog, but his thoughts were mine as well - he won a race today not against a kid with Celiac Disease, but against the Navy XC asst coach. I know the time wasn't blazing, but a win is a win!

Fort McHenry Tunnel 5k: I was mostly upset about this one because me and Zero have a way better idea for this event, but Charm Shitty obviously has more pull than we do. Chris Nowakowski took 2nd, Mellow Mike took 7th, David Ploskonka was 10th and Dean Jagusch was 19th.

Philly Distance Run: This is the big one, the best event in September. I don't know why more people don't come to this one as it is not only the best race but a fun weekend. The weather was perfect and I really appreciated the little party thrown for me by Arjun, Melissa, Nina and Jen. And then they went out and killed it. The results you can read for yourself on the side, but consider this: Andrew BEEF Jaffe was under 1:18 and that had to have been a huge PR. Joel Brusewitz ran 1:18:00. Lee DiPietro was 2 minutes faster than last year and was 26th. Melissa was also 2 minutes faster than last year and was 27th. Amazing that both years they've finished within a few seconds of one another. For Melissa it was a huge PR and faster than she anticipated. Nina and Megan ran strong race, and my brother wound up with a nearly 12.5 minute PR at 1:39:01. That's almost a minute per mile faster than his best time. Amazing. Jennifer Rachel Koshy loves running and it showed, as she went 1:42 which I don't think is her best but not bad for not a ton of training. Tom Stewart was there, I know he loves Philly, and he went 1:22:54 and then I figured he was there but neglected to look up to see - and he ran a PR:

Rodney Taylor, 1:24:50, PR. Awesome job!

Then our friend Funnyrunner ran a PR at 1:44 and Alix Ruth, 3rd race in 8 days, 5 minute PR at 1:53. Awesome job!

So our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week really could have been a number of people from PDR, but Melissa's 2 minute improvement from last year and PR was pretty amazing considering she just got back from basically 3 weeks dealing with her wedding and honeymoon. Looking forward to NYC!!


Collin said...

How dare you! I ran it in 12:41s! That's a huge difference!

RM said...

Your email to me said "just under 13:00/mi" and I just didn't feel like doing the exact calculation.

Collin said...

Haha, ok fine.