Monday, September 7, 2009

Booty Sweat

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. What a bunch of ballers we are. Let's do a quick rundown of the highlights:

Kentlands 5k: Chrissie wins in 16:35. Lowers her like 45 seconds over the past year. Getting sickeningly fast.

Knights of Columbus 10k: Jeff Gaudette burning up the dance floor, wins in 31:05. Note: Ben won this event last year in 34:57. Guess the prospect of $500 brought some people out this year because Kip was 5th in 31:55. Brennan took 12th in 36:00. Berardi 15th in 36:43. Eileen was 3rd for ladies in 39:26 and Lauren BOOF Dennisuk took 7th in 44:09.

Virginia Beach Half Marathon: Julia Rudd was debilitated by illness and ran without a chip so her time of 1:23:15 is unofficial, but officially Will Knox took 22nd in 1:13:30. Pulling himself back into marathon shape just in time for Marine Corps.

NCR 20 Mile: Joel Hollywood Brusewitz, not having run more than 12 miles this year, starts off conservatively at 7:00/mile before bringing it down to finish at 2:07 (6:22/mile I think that works out to). Denise wins for the ladies, Christine Trzcinski 5th, Cynthia Evans 14th and Alix Ruth runs 3:07:59 so the prospect of a 4 hour marathon is real for her in a few weeks!

Despite the insane 5k PR/win for Chrissie and the tremendous 10k time/win for Jeff, I was really impressed by Brusewitz this week so he has earned what I believe may be his first ever Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award.

Also this week in sports, another American has gone under 13:00 for 5000m. Matt Tegenkamp held on in a small, elite group of athletes at the final Golden League Meet in Brussels to go 12:58, just a few seconds behind race winner and WR holder Kenenisa Bekele. I'm not sure what his finish time was, but Chris Solinsky wasn't super far back. Things are looking better and better for American distance running. Teg looked like a monster compared to the slight Africans.

And former Terp football player Shawne Merriman allegedly beat up Tila Tequila. I'm not a fan of beating up chicks, but if someone were to do something to deserve an ass-whooping, it would have been her. Plus the truth shall prevail and I don't think he did anything.

TNT this week! The workout is 8x600 @ 5k pace. Recovery is 400m jog. You have to jog because I don't want you getting more than 2:30 recovery. I won't be there this week.

Winter 2010 Destination Race: We are going back to Miami, January 31 2010 is the race date. The Pro Bowl is that day in Miami so hotels are pricey but I found a sweet deal. However, I have to pay some of it upfront so I am going to do that this week. If you are interested in going with us I need to know by the end of this week. Note: I will not chase people down because I am only concerned about making sure I am squared away. It is too much work for me to plan these trips to have to deal with indecisiveness. So if you don't tell me that you're coming by the end of this week, you will have to find your own accommodations.

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