Monday, August 17, 2009

Maggie Vessey is HOT

Just watched her run the 800m semi in Berlin. Damn she is fine. Of course, she did terrible, may as well not even have shown up as she was seconds behind. And Olympic champ Jelimo just dropped out. Weird.

Race results are on the right, here are some highlights:

Northeast Triathlon: Really psyched for Zero and Pat, as both performed very well. Great swims, great runs and Zero used his new cycling abilities to put himself into 7th place. That's pretty awesome. Pat was right there in 17th. Zero's goal at the beginning of the year was to do a 2:20 Olympic Distance race. Now, while I'll call that one a pretty soft goal, he still got it done and checked off another one of his goals this year. He's now 4 for 4 (sub 60 10 miler, 2:55 Boston, sub 5:00 half IM). Awesome job.

Lums Pond Tri: Barf was doing his first ever tri, which was something I absolutely had to see with my own eyes. On approximately 90 minutes of sleep, I headed up to watch this race in Delaware with Alyssa. Stanford really had a great bike and awesome run, and did really well. Barf had a terrible swim, but that was expected, and then a really good bike and a solid run. Really proud of you Barf.

Some other races, blah blah blah.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week had to go to Barf. Like I said in the email, until you've done one, you haven't done one. So while many people say "oh that's so easy" it really isn't. I remember how tough my first tri was in the water, and I had been swimming and was prepared for it. Joel sucked it up, didn't complain, didn't freak out and just did it. He didn't represent a charity. He didn't go around telling people he was doing a race or how he did after. On Sunday he was just an athlete.

I put a suggested workout in the email this morning that involved some intervals on the track and some off. The workout was 1600m (2:00 rest), 5min off the track @ tempo (1:30 rest), then 1200m/5min/800m/5min/400m. The rest after the intervals on the track is 2:00 and those efforts should be pretty hard, and the 5 minutes around the fields should be at tempo pace and then 1:30 rest after them.

But I hear there may be a lack of interest in this workout. I really don't care what you guys do, as I said, I won't be there. Just make sure whatever workout you do, you all do the same basic thing (i.e. the same workout, if you need to do less that's fine). Communicate it to everyone, and make sure everyone understands the workout.


Ben said...

ryan - the rumor of someone who wanted to do something else might be regarding me. i feel like I need to do a "traditional/boring" workout to give myself a better feel of my fitness. So, i think i'll do mile repeats. please coach - don't push me down to the B training group for not following your workout ; )

Collin said...

Why is Usain Bolt a label on this post?

Eileen said...

I emailed Melissa about doing a tempo instead-- so it's not just you. I'll just run one Saturday instead. I'm open to doing mile repeats or whatever the consensus is.

///MM said...
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///MM said...

Soft goal? Ouch. You gotta remember I came up with that goal back in like Dec knowing my Olympic Tri PR was a blistering 2:47:49. I think a 37 minute improvement is pretty respectable. Besides, I really wanted to get under 2:10 but the no-wetsuit and 90deg run temps hurt me.

Christy said...

I had mile repeats planned as my workout today. I'm doing 5 x mile with 400M recovery

RM said...

Collin - STFU don't worry about why Usain Bolt is one of the tags.

Chrissie I thought you weren't going to be there this week?

Christy said...

Ryan- I wasn't supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be at the beach . . . my last day of work was supposed to be last friday, but here I am sitting in my cubicle at Bayview and showing up at TNT.

RM said...

Oh, wish I had known that - the only reason I didn't just assign the entire group the 5xmile workout was because I thought you were going to be out of town, actually.

Would have made things probably much simpler. Oh well.