Thursday, August 6, 2009

BRRC Track Series #3

Nothing like being on hand for a Wednesday Night Summer Track Meet...

Saw some familiar faces, mostly Denise Knickman and Matty Blaze, both of whom had done the workout the previous night and were racing 3 events each. On the list of also-theres were Dave Berardi, Kris Simms, a large posse of Jamaicans and the Remus connection.

I got there as Matty Blaze was finishing 3rd in the mile. I wasn't sure of his time, but he looked like he was just jogging. A short while later we were treated to one of the fastest 200m events outside of a real track meet, with 6 dudes running what appeared to be under 22 and the winner in the low 21 range.

In the 800m, Denise ran her consistent workout pace, while Jablonski ran 2:07. Denise then jumped in the 400m and ran a pretty quick 82.

Then it was the night's marquee event - the 5000m. There had to have been over 25 people in the race. One kid jumped out to a huge lead, which he held to the line in a super easy 16:11 it looked like. For the first mile there was a good group containing Kris, Blaze, Berardi and FRRS employee Louis Fodos. They hit mile 1 in 5:24. Somewhere in the 2nd mile, Kris was forced into pacing duties, as the race became more strung out. Kris led a line of 5; behind him was Dave Berardi. Mile 2 split was 10:54 (5:30) and they were teetering on the sub-17 mark.

Maurice had a small gap on the gruppo Simms, which was down to 3 at this point. Berardi moved to the front and they began to chip away at Mo's advantage. For Kris, at 3800m the race really began to get tough. On the final straight, Berardi managed to muscle his old bones past the older bones of Maurice, in 17:04. Kris finished in about the same time he ran here last year, 17:16. Denise ran a really great race, finishing in 18:27.

The final event was the 4x400 and the Jamaicans were on a mission. First split was just over 50, and the others were about 51 as they finished in 3:23. That's pretty darn good for a Weds night.


RM said...

I'm sorry, I had to post this from

Somehow, I doubt this was what Remus was referring to...

"Pointer's coach, Remus Medley, was ecstatic over his athlete's time. Medley who believes that running over distance is the key to success was yelling, "The new school is the old school!"

The phrase is a testament to the training methods of coaches in the 1970's who believed in the mantra - LSD (long, slow distance)."

Rebs said...

bahahaha. who writes this stuff?

RM said...

I think Brad Jaeger does. For those who don't know Brad, starting sometime in the 80s he began the grassroots triathlon mission in Maryland and much of the Mid-Atlantic. The racing company was called TriAthlantic. Pretty good name.

Over time his low-key, inexpensive races were pushed to the wayside by the likes of Columbia Triathlon Association, and I think there was a personal vendetta between him and CTA's guy.

No longer having the energy to deal with the bullshit, he shut down shop, which was sad to me and many others.

I believe the kid Jesse Jaeger is his son, he's a pretty talented runner, so now he's kind of back in the community but only at running things. He takes all the pictures I'm pretty sure and may even upkeep the site.

Speaking of websites, does anyone use DyeState anymore? I went to college with Natalie Dye, whose father ran that one. I really don't care enough about high school or college track to check it out.

Johnnie Cochran said...

My results from Wednesday night track with GRC. I use the words "results" because some of the guys were running at ludicrous speed.

2000: 6:33
1600: 5:06
1200: 3:45
800: 2:25
400: 66

400 jog rest

Anyway, I was definately the "lantern rouge" on all the repeats. Looking forward to gaining some fitness and racing in the near future.

RM said...

Ha, good use of the cycling term.

That's a good workout. Now you're becoming one of them. Pretty soon you'll be like what's going to be my new ACL - it will be from a cadaver, but my body will overtake it and it will take on my DNA.