Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip!

I was back home in Ann Arbor for a few days before and after the GLR. I ran from my parents' house down Stadium Blvd to the newly renovated "Big House". From the outside it always was rather modest for a stadium that holds over 100,000 people. It was built on a swamp - so, the field and most of the seats are actually below ground. But, now they have these huge modern edifices on either side for company boxes and press box. Before I pass judgement I'd like to see a game there.

Penn State plays there this year on 10/24. I know we have a few PSU alums - and thought some others might like to see a game at Michigan stadium. So, I thought maybe we could make a road trip out to Ann Arbor. We would probably leave at noon on Friday 10/23 (nine hour trip one way) and come back on Sunday. Depending on how many people come I might have enough room at various relatives houses. If you want to come let me know by the end of August so, I can hook up some tickets.


///MM said...

In all the modernizing of the big house did you guys finally enter the 19th century and put up some lights?

RM said...

I think I'd like to go to this one, the date works out well and it would be a fun trip. I don't even care about going TO the game, so if tix are hard to come by I won't be upset. Just to tailgate at a Big 10 game would be fun.

Other games I'd like to go to at some point:

Red River Shootout (OK vs TX)
Florida vs Georgia
Ohio State vs Mich
LSU vs just about anyone
Auburn vs Alabama
SC vs Clemson

gladfelter said...

I'm interested, I've always wanted to see the big house.

brennan said...

2 great things to add to this trip:

1) We can stop and see T on the way out there at Akron

2) We can go to the Packers vs. Browns game on the way back

Ben said...

i like both ideas brennan - of course T is welcome to come as well - we can pick him up on the way.

Jen said...

I might be interested as well as my two roommates, Andy (UMichigan guy) and Colin (Penn State guy).

Jen said...

I might be interested as well as my two roommates, Andy (UMichigan guy) and Colin (Penn State guy).

Ben said...

what are the odds that we have two people named jen on this blog who both have roomates with the same names who went to the same schools??? small world i guess.

cgb said...

For those who don't know, I am Jen's aforementioned Penn State Roommate... (the first Jen, I have no idea who this second Jen is, but she sounds like a loser)

If you'll have me. I would love to go watch PSU kick Rich Rod's ass in the "big" house. I don't care what it costs.

Ben said...

you heard it here - colin is paying all the expenses! thanks man - that's mighty generous of you!