Monday, July 27, 2009

Cash Dem Chex

It was a relatively quiet weekend, with no major super races on the schedule, and since you can all read you can just look at the results on the right or in the email.

I will say that Collin Anderson backed into his first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award of the year by virtue of his 10k on Friday. He learned a valuable lesson on pacing. If you go out in nearly your 5k PR and you still have 5k to run, you're going to hurt. Collin's blog explains it all (in one, long, singular paragraph).

Here's our Tuesday Night Track workout for the week:

3 sets of 1200-800-400. I'm psyched that everyone's running so fast, but starting to get concerned about the pacing of the workouts. It's fun to run fast but not when you're running 800s with +:06 splits on the back half. This week it's all about negative splitting, and you can be sure that I will be checking!

More importantly, this past weekend gave us an opportunity to celebrate our boy T. Baptiste. T has been running with us since 2006, and has been an invaluable member of our team during that time. I challenge you to find anyone who loves BBQ sauce more than he does. T's farewell tour continues this week as he will be at Tuesday's workout, so if you're there make sure you say something nice to him.


As I mentioned in the email, we are going to host a replacement race for Bay Cafe 5k. Unfortunately, due to the increased cost of permits, it would be about $50 per person to put on the race. That's just too much, and there's no point in moving it somewhere like Patterson Park or Druid Hill where it is just not as fast.

So we're going to host a track 5000m which will serve as the Maryland State 5k Championships. The date is Saturday, September 12th. For now I'm planning on holding it at Hopkins, but I'm also going to set up backup plans - including maybe seeing if we could hold it at UMD's track. It won't be super early in the morning, and we will hold multiple heats. Low key, no shirts, probably hand-timed with popsicle sticks instead of bibs. I want to spread the word to as many people as we can to get some sick competition.

If you want to run in this race, you'll need to send me an email at with your name, age, current state and seed time. And I will be checking times to make sure I seed the races properly.

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