Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Runs

Just wondered if anybody wants to join in some fun this week.

1) On Thursday at least Brennan and I (and a few maybe's) will be running 2-3X2 miles at tempo (10 mile - half marathon pace) with 2 min rest. We're going to meet behind the science center (light st & key highway) at 6:30pm. We're going to start the tempo at that time - so, do your warm-up before hand.

2) On Saturday I'm going to run a "short" track workout. 4X(200m R pace 200m jog 200m R pace 400m jog 800m R pace 400m jog). R pace is between mile - 2 mile pace. I'm planning on starting my warmup at 8am at Gilman.

3) Long run on Sunday - not sure where yet. I was thinking of running 17 - let me know if anyone has any suggestions.


brennan said...

Sounds great, Ben.

I can't make the Long Run on Sunday, but if anyone is up for one on Saturday--14ish Miles--let me know!

Christine said...

What are people doing for Sunday long run? I have a 2hr LR scheduled and would love to not run by myself.

RM said...

People out of town/racing:


Where's Travis, Ploskonka, our long run kings? NCOTB? Cheese?

Hollywood said...

I'm game for the thursday workout. Not doing M.O.M because I left it all out on the track tuesday night (mostly liquid, some chunks).

cheese said...

I'll be out of town, so I can't make it to any of these

THE KRIS said...

cheese, you always say that... i'm pretty sure i saw you at the grocery store yesterday.

not sure about thurs/sat, but i'm in for a long run on sun.

JAR said...

I'll plan to do the long run on Sunday as well--I was thinking of doing 17 or 18.