Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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I'm at it again. I hope you guys realize that I will find everything you do on the internet. It may take me 15 days to find it, but it will not go unnoticed. Here's this little needle in a haystack, courtesy Ryan, or as he is called on the forums, marylandexc.

In case you can't read the small print, it says:
My favorite ab workout is called the kitten workout.
You get a whole bunch of kittens and you start playing with them. You hold them, tickle them, let their little claws and teeth scratch you. But it doesn't hurt, so it's okay.
The result is that you start laughing so hard that you can't help but to contract your abdominals, leading to impressive abs.


RM said...

Haaaa funny.

I've been telling you guys for years to join this website and use it for your running logs. While I have never been to the forums of letsrun, slowtwitch or whatever other ones there are, I do frequent this one. I just say stupid stuff and everyone loves me.

KLIM said...


fbg said...

The website, running2win.com was founded by some friends of mine. <----shameless plug

Wait, Ryan, you think they love you there?!? They like you, MarylandEXC, so much, they use "mary" as a derogatory synonym for "wuss".

RM said...

From one of the users of R2W, Brian:

"marylandexc as a verb means to use great knowledge and wisdom to dominate."

I can't help it if everyone loves me. Nobody gives a shit about you. Haha don't be jeal.

cheese said...

i just liked them asking about your "manpon"

fbg said...

Actually, there are quite a few good posts on that site, most of them dating back to the time period when MarylandEXC was attempting to get certain types of Google AdWords advertisements to pop up on the side of the page.