Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Course Run Saturday

Baltimore Marathon Course Run
Saturday, July 25th
7:00am SHARP
Baltimore Visitor's Center, Inner Harbor

You can run as many miles as you'd like, the course run is supported by FALLS ROAD. I bet even if you aren't running that they could use some help manning the water stops.

Rather than me post their race reports, why don't you just read them for yourself for Brian Godsey's 5000m at Heusden and Ben Ingram's Great Lakes Relay. Both sound like awesome experiences.

David Ploskonka was also in action this past weekend at the Vermont 100 miler. From his report it sounds like it was a tough day for him, but to man up and make it through when you're not having a great day makes you a boss.

ALSO - while August is a pretty dead month in terms of big events, there are some things to whet your appetite prior to the fall racing season. NCOTB appears to be unable to do 2pers/10mi relay on 8.2.09 so if anybody wants to do that, let's chat at track tonight. I posted a couple other events on the right hand side, many are BRRC events which means low cost and low key.


brennan said...

Ben & I are planning on doing the 16 mile route that they have planned. I'm going to run from my place (leave at 6:50 am) and make it 17 for the day. If anyone is interested let's chat.

THE KRIS said...

i'll see you guys down there.