Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maggie Vessey

Check out Maggie Vessey's ridiculous 2.2 second PR and world-leading, probably-Worlds-qualifying 800m in Monaco last night. Pay particular attention to the way she ninjas along the rail from 400m to 600m. In case you didn't know, she needed to get the A-standard, 2:00.00 to have a chance at going to Worlds, but had run 2:00.04 and 2:00.xx again. She also normally runs like Yuriy Borzakovskiy in his younger days: way behind on the first lap, and then crushing it the second lap. This was a change of pace for her:

Here's the post race interview. Ryan, you need to watch at least the first half. There's some really good innuendo in there.

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alyssa said...

the energy of the pack of women always makes me just want to go for it.

RM said...

Wait...did Alyssa really just say that?

alyssa what movie: "energy...aww will"


She seems to be super inconsistent though, and is she on something because how is she running that much faster than her PRs and stuff?

alyssa said...


RM said...

I had commented prior to watching the video, so I didn't realize your quote up top was just making fun of her.

Impressions of the videos:

1) The race - she still lingered in the back, just not OFF the back like I've seen her recently do. It would appear as if she ran pretty even splits, and the third quarter of her race was amazing.

2) The interview - obviously she's excited and doesn't have her wits about her, but man, she sounds like an idiot. A real smoking hot idiot.

You know how that interview could have been better?

If the camera was pointed a few inches lower and/or her top was not on. Damn. HIQI.

Also, I got a slight impression that she was flirting with the idiot reporter, or at least was flirting with the camera because she knew I was watching.

fbg said...

I think she improved more than a second because (1) she paced herself more like a normal 800m runner, which means starting really fast, and (2) she wasn't in lane 15 on the final curve.

I don't really see the inconsistency argument, though, from the results perspective, because she won two Golden League meets this summer in 2:00, and now she's the world leader. Nationals wasn't too good, but she got fourth, right? That was a while ago; and maybe she bombed one race, more recently; I can't remember. Her inconsistency is all in her pacing, and in the anecdote I heard that she missed her flight to the last GL meet, and that's why she wasn't at the start.

The portrait of consistency is of course Christin Wurth-Thomas, but I'll let someone else have the first comment on the aestheticity of that portrait. She's in the race video, too.

Yes, Maggie Vessey was flirting with you, Ryan. I saw it in her eye.

RM said...

The portrait of heinousness is Christin Wurth-Thomas. Egad is she not pleasant to look at.

Maggie had some up and down races in the US, unfortunately we are not able to see the Euro meets and quite frankly I have better things to do than look up Euro meet results that don't include Brian Godsey.

gladfelter said...

Oh snap, ZING. Ryan just called your shit out B.

TurtleHead said...

So this was pretty good. I agree that she was totally in to you, Ryan, but the only bad part was that she kept calling you "Brad". WTF is up with that? Is this part of your strategy, to keep on the downlow? That way they can't track you down as easily, I guess.

And why did you deprive her of the chicken?


RM said...

I think she meant to say she didn't want to "choke" on my chicken...haha