Monday, June 29, 2009

When I'm in the Club

Give me dap, give me hugs...

Baller weekend for the ladies. When she gets back and settled in, I'm sure Alyssa will give the whole rundown of her event, but in a nutshell it sounded hard. Real hard. 30ish miles in she was dehydrated and exhausted. The temperature was in the high 90s. Nothing but running along sunbaked mountains. Many of the pre-race favorites dropped. Alyssa held on to finish 21st female, 1st in her age group. 28h9m30s. Insane. She even beat Mike Wardian. Western States 100 is known as one of the most challenging 100 milers, but even for this race the attrition rate was super high at 41% of the starters NOT finishing.

Potomac River Running Twilight 4 miler. I knew Julia was doing this race and thought it was one she could possibly win, but apparently some other people had different plans and she slotted in at 3rd in 23:17 (5:50 pace).

Collin Anderson won another shitty local 5k, his 3rd 5k win in a row. 17:04 was his time and it waas at 6000' altitude, so pretty good. This one was the Run for Youth 5k in Provo, Utah. I remember when Fletch had to go to Provo to expose that guy. Fletch rules.

Baltimore Women's Classic 5k was Sunday, our ladies really held it down, everyone ran a 2009 best for herself and in the case of Emily, she ran nearly a 3 minute PR! 26:33 was her time, she outkicked two women and then dry heaved. It was a baller race for her. Lee, Denise, Eileen and Christine T all ran season bests and finished in the top 11 (Christine LOVES that 11th spot) and Cynthia ran great as well.

Finally, Dave Berardi ran the Damien's Run 5k in Columbia, running 17:09 for 7th.

Originally I figured the PDAW was a no-brainer this week, but Emily really made a push for it. In the end, the combination of heat, trails and 100 miles in one day (and some change) gave Alyssa the nudge for Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.


THE KRIS said...

the fact that alyssa had comp for the award says a lot... congrats ladies.

also, fletch does, in fact, rule.

RM said...

I realized that this weekend last year was our dude's night out 1, because we went to their race the next morning pretty hungover. We did the same for Kris' marathon.

We need a weekend now where the dudes can be the shining stars at the races and the girls can support us. Too bad affirmative action would never allow a men's only race.

fbg said...

That's why you gotta come to Vienna and run the "Just Men Run" with me. Total sausage fest, except for the co-ed rollerblade races right before it.

It was sort of a response to the women's race they have had for a long time. The funny thing is that the elite women's field in their race (a few weeks earlier) is considerably faster than any of the guys that run the men's race. I mean, some chicks run low 16s, while (ignoring my time) the best dudes go low 17s.

RM said...

Wait - there was a ROLLERBLADE race? Austria is SOOO gay.

Thank God Bruno is coming out.