Saturday, June 13, 2009


Does anyone know a good doctor for custom orthotics around here?


Pete Mulligan said...

John Senatore - Union Memorial.
Very active in the Baltimore running community and friend of Falls Road Running Store.

Jen said...

That's my doc! I like him quite a bit. My feet haven't really been a problem since I got the orthotics.

PB said...

Awesome, I'll get in touch with him. Thanks!

Rebs said...

I have an appt with Senatore on Thursday for orthodics. I have heard really good things about him too!

TurtleHead said...

I'd like to believe in orthotics, but, for me, they hurt far worse than not wearing them. $450 wasted.
Maybe I should have gone to a reputable medical professional.
I went to a store in Annapolis (Foot Solutions).
Warning signs should have been that there was no one who looked even remotely athletic in the store. Their typical customer is a morbidly obese person who needs to stand all day for their job.
Maybe there is a difference in orthotics designed for runners vs. others? I'd like to know.