Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'll be going dark for the weekend, so I wanted to post here about Sunday's plans. This is probably the most causes we've ever celebrated in one single evening, so it's going to be real and spectacular. Among them are the birthdays of Alyssa, Nina, Hollywood, Barf and Pete Mulligan. We'll even pour a little liquor out for Brita whose birthday was last week. THEN we are also celebrating that day's races of Survivor Harbor 7, Zero at the 1 mile Bay swim and Eagleman. Finally, it's also Flag Day, and the Fort will be shooting off fireworks, which we'll be able to conveniently see from the Bay Cafe.

Rather than have people bother me by calling, texting or emailing after I am super tired from the race, just show up. I would anticipate the Eagleman crew will be back on the road by 3pm and should hopefully be home therefore by 5 or just after if traffic's not bad. The intention is to arrive at Bay Cafe at 6pm, but this could easily be pushed back to 6:30. Bay Cafe, for those who don't know, is located on Boston Street in Canton, near the Safeway. It costs money to park in its lot, and you aren't really supposed to park in the Safeway lot - so look for street parking on Boston St if you can. I'll probably just walk down from my house.

Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend, make sure if you're doing some stealth races that you let me know by Sunday night or early Monday morning so I can shout out the performances in the email!


cheese said...

sundays are "jamaican me crazy" there

RM said...

Yeah...and it can get crazy which is why it will be super awes

Johnnie Cochran said...

yo elf, what is the schedule for those who want to witness eagleman-ia? I will be in Balitmore Sat. night. Jake

Ben said...

be careful at bay cafe - or this could happen to you -

RM said...

Jake - noticed you called yesterday, I just kept getting swamped by many absurd phone calls. I'll holler back today BUT

My wave at Eagleman goes off at 7:54am in Cambridge (90min away). I'm not sure who, if anyone, is planning on heading out there, but it appears as if Alex and Arjun at least are likely making the trip. 30 minute swim, on the bike around 8:25. <2:20 later back off the bike onto the run, run is an out and back course where you can see the way out, mile 3, mile 10 and the finish pretty easily.

And for those of you attending Bay Cafe, there will likely be a cover unless you plan on eating, I remember last year we had at least 30 people sitting at a huge table. It's possible we can try to do something like that again for those who wish to eat, or be served bevs as opposed to having to go to the bar.