Monday, June 8, 2009

Ay Papi

OJ, Kris and I met up with Brennan and Arjun at the start line of the Race For Our Kids and were floored by how stacked the race was. The funny thing is, most of that competitiveness was due to just our group showing up. And, like the bosses that we are, you all TCOB.

ALMOST everyone won money, at least enough to repay their entry fee. Kip and Chrissie snagged overall dollars for their respective 3rd place finishes, while Lee was first Masters woman and Dave Berardi was third Masters male. It's also a good thing we spread out across a number of age groups, as Dave Berdan took 4th overall/1st 25-29, and then Kyle and Ben were 1-2 in the 30-34. T. Baptiste ran a 12 second course PR and got 2nd in his new age group. Chris Belcher followed up his terrific Tuesday workout with an 11th place/3rd age group.

For the ladaaaays it was a clinic out there, taking places 3 through 7 and putting 8 in the top 13. Lee was fresh off a 5k win on Saturday in Long Island (18:37 and $200) and ran an amazing sub 40 minute race here. Melissa established a 10k PR, while the Michigan girls held it down. Jackie Truncellito was crushing the finishing hill and ran much faster than the easier MCVETs course she ran a few weeks ago. All the girls, minus Orla, won some dollas. Poor Orla was 4th in her age group and 11th overall, and her time of 43:15 is one second off what it would have taken to put her in the top 10 best 10k times. Missed it by thaaat much, as Maxwell Smart would say.

Really great race to watch, I was pumped. It was also great to see Pete, Kelly and Jim out there cheering on too.

There were three 5k wins in total this weekend. Lee's, as mentioned, was one. Not gonna lie, it took some super sleuth powers to find the race results but ultimately I'm an interweb genius and found it within minutes. Collin Fergie Anderson won another 5k (weird, I thought he was an ultra runner) in a new personal best of 16:34. It was in Minnesota though so I don't trust it's validity. And our final 5k winner of the weekend was Ms. Julia Rudd, who left everyone in her dust at the Capital Crescent Trail 5k. Her time of 18:01 is another one of those "man if I had just gone 2 seconds faster" moments.

Bel Air Town Run was a really quick race, according to Meg it features a downhill first mile, which may explain the 14:44 winning time. I haven't seen a time that fast around here in a while. Meg got 3rd for the ladies in a great time of 19:19, while David Ploskonka kept his BATR streak alive with a 43rd/18:41 finish.

But our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week can only be awarded to one person, and I thought the person who displayed the virtue of the PDAW was Jackie Truncellito. She powered up the hill at the end of the race to finish 4th overall in the fantastic time of 38:26. Way to go Jackie!


Jen said...

Check it out.

Pete Mulligan said...

Updated daily.

RM said...

I love when Pete chimes in...

So I'm trying to add more things to the blog so you guys can be entertained. I'm going to start doing more polls, for one.

I added a weather gadget, but I don't know if I really like it.

Is there anything else you'd like to see? Let me know!

I'm also working on tagging/labeling our posts so that it makes it easy to search, and maybe increase our organic placement on the Interwebs.

fbg said...

What about a "real" calendar, on Google Calendars, with all of the dates entered? I was thinking of doing it myself, but I haven't gotten around to it. You can have a link from the blog, AND you can add gadgets that automatically show the upcoming races and such. If you create two (or three) calendars, you can have both the races and birthdays (and O's) sections on the side of the blog be updated automatically, I think.

RM said...

This is something I could look into. If you go to the site they have a Google calendar at the bottom of the page. I like having the stuff on the right hand side for easy access - at least putting things for about a month or so out. But it would be nice if more people started using the Google calendar to put their races in, mostly so it would help me figure out who is doing what races for the Monday results!