Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saucony at FHR

Ladies and Gents,

It's with great pleasure that I announce this coming Monday, Ms. Julia Rudd will be joining our Fed Hill Run on behalf of Saucony. She'll be showing some new products, letting us try some stuff on, AND for the first 10 people that show up to the bar after the run (that also did the run) they will get an alco beverage on SAUCONY. So I expect that we will show our full support and have a super huge, attentive turnout.

That would be Monday, May 11. This coming Monday. At Fed Hill Runners. Where you run just about every Monday. Saucony. Words.

But seriously, it looks like J-Rudd may even stay over that night so for whomever can spare the time, we'll hang out at the bar, maybe kick it for a minute. I'm thinking Stalking Horse for after the run?


Rebs said...

stalking horse is busted.

i wish my foot wasn't still screwed up. life sucks when injured.

RM said...

Stalking Horse is busted - how so Dr. J?!

Monday nights they have wing special and their wings are actually really quite good. Plus they have lots of TVs and are not slow like every other place is on a Monday night.

You just don't like it cause they don't let dogs eat there!

Besides, I have to think about more than just our group, I have to think about the whole of Fed Hill Runners.

You can come hang out with Julia if you want, you don't have to run

fbg said...

Since when is a bar having a lot of TVs a positive thing? (Other than on those special occasions when there is some sporting event on TV, such as the Olympic Games, and we need TVs at every bar to catch the 800, the 5000, and the 400)

RM said...

Sorry we don't live in Europe and shun things like TV in favor of introspective conversation and eating dinner past 10pm...but here in America I hit a bar so I can watch games in delicious HD and right now we have NBA Playoffs@

gladfelter said...

NBA...did you see Lebron drain the a 3 from like 40 feet out last night?

MLB...O's got a lead 5-4 in the bottom of the 8th. Our closer held on for a rare Orioles win.

You can't get that at home when you don't have cable...